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Property Owner Recognition

January 22, 2013 Uncategorized

SDRA would also like to recognize our property owners:

  1. Mr. Ricky Matthews – A special thanks goes out to him for helping promote this project, he has also loaned equipment, made phone calls, and helped coordinate with other land owners from the very beginning.
  2. Mr. Sonny Whitsell has bent over backwards to be a great help and very easy to work with.
  3. Mr. Frank Givens
  4. Mr. Buford Givens
  5. Mrs. Lucille Trout
  6. Last but not least… Mr. George and Mrs. Dorothy Gilcrest.

Without these we would not have this great place to ride and I hope and trust that every member will help to do their part to establish a long and lasting relationship with all these who make up our leasers.