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Payment Plan

Southern Dirt Riders Association, LLC

Payment Plan Contract


We offer our members the convenience of paying the annual fee in monthly installments through an automatic payment plan that can be set up through PayPal.  This form of payment binds member(s) into a payment plan for the remainder of the riding year. All memberships come due on February 1. Member(s) agrees that the monthly payment plan is for the convenience of the member(s) and the annual fee must be paid in full by the end of the riding year.  The riding year begins today ____________ and ends on January 31, 2025. If member(s) chooses to cancel SDRA membership at anytime of the year, the remaining balance thru January 31, 2025 is due upon cancellation. 

You can begin the monthly payment plan option any month from now through January 2025. However, you must renew for the full year in February 2025 to be eligible to continue to pay monthly payments. If you do not renew at the 1st of February for the full year, you will have to pay the membership fee in full before you can reinstate membership. Your membership will be revoked and you will be suspended from riding if you do not make your monthly payment. Also you will no longer be eligible to pay monthly.

When joining in February, these are the following fees. Each fee is divided into 12 payments.

Adult– Year $300 – Monthly $25

Adult + Spouse –  Year $350 – Monthly $29.17

Adult + Spouse + 1 Child – Year $375 – Monthly $31.25

Adult + Spouse + 2 Children – Year $400 – Monthly $33.33

Adult + Child – Year $325 – Monthly $27.08

Adult + 2 Children – Year $350 – Monthly $29.17

By choosing to pay with the monthly payment plan, you, the rider, agrees that SDRA can take any action necessary, including, but not limited to, collection service or court proceeding, to collect any unpaid riding fee, whether or not Rider continues to participate in motorcycle riding on SDRA’s property throughout the entire year. 

Monthly Payment Plan