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Membership Packet

We are taking 2019 Memberships now. Your 2018 membership expires 1/31/19. You can print all of your paperwork off our website and mail it and payment oremail it in with and make a payment using PayPal. Please make sure to send completed paperwork!!

Mailing Address- 5300 Poplar Corner Walls, MS 38680

Email Address-


Every rider needs to fill out new forms for 2019. New¬†stickers for the 2019 riding year will be issued upon receiving your paperwork and payment. Please don’t delay, your 2018 stickers will be void February 1!!


Please be sure to send in completed paperwork. You will stall the process of getting your stickers if you fail to complete anything.

1. Waiver signed and dated
2. Application (Have to send to make sure have the correct info)
3. Copy of your drivers license
4. Form of payment
5. Payment plan agreement form signed and dated if using our monthly payment plan program.

1. Minor waiver AND general waiver signed and dated
2. Application or at least added to an application of parent
3. Copy of drivers license (if applicable)
4. Form of Payment


Click on each form in order to print and fill out:


General Rider Waiver

Minor Waiver

Payment Plan Agreement Contract